Sex With Strangers

The latest Sex With Strangers EP is mixed, mastered, and ready for release this March 2016!

…with a full length LP release planned for September 2016! 

That's a wrap!

When Arthur came to me to record "some songs" he'd written, I had no idea how serious he was or what exactly the coming months would produce. We just sent off the masters for his new Art d'Ecco album 'Day Fevers' and I couldn't be more excited. The nine song album includes diverse musical influences ranging from krautrock, synth pop, psychedelic, glam, and even a dose of Ennio Morricone spaghetti western. Thanks to Adam Fink (drums) and Jahmeel Russell (bass) and ALL the talented musicians that contributed their artistry! I'm so looking forward to sharing these songs.

Way to go Art!


photo: Kira Clavell

photo: Kira Clavell