is summer here yet?

Its been a while so I thought I would touch base to let you know what I've been up to the last couple of months since my last post!

  1. co-produced the OST for feature film Dead Shack with artist extraordinaire Peter Ricq. release TBA
  2. produced and mixed new Gang Signs album
  3. produced and mixed new FRANKIE
  4. Northern Light Records recently released the latest LEATHERS single that I co-wrote with Shannon Hemmett, produced, and mixed
  5. scored and mixed soundtrack for indie film CODA by writer/director Rogan Christopher
  6. currently produced and mixing the debut album by post-metal band LUCIA
  7. currently produced and mixing post-punk artists Puritans EP
  8. in the pre-production stages for the follow-up to Art d'Ecco's Day Fevers. recording starts June 22nd
  9. mastered the latest Wire Spine album
  10. launched the Common Courtesy Comp. Vol3 with Adam Fink for the Girls Rock Camp Vancouver charity
  11. and there's been more but I gotta get back to work... hahaha
  12. oh, there's two new ACTORS tracks on the way this fall after we play Terminus Festival this summer!